Best Programs III

4. Six Figure Income

SFI is one of the Internet’s most successful affiliate programs. With over seven and a half million affiliates to date, and an assortment of highly useful products to promote, SFI is a proven winner.

SFI creator, Gery Carson, has been around since the start of Marketing on the Internet. In the 1980’s Gery helped pioneer the direct mail model for network marketing, and is also the author of the book, The Home Business Revolution’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, and the publisher of Six-Figure Income Magazine.
This is one of the first programs I joined when I started online, it was a big help in getting me where I am now. Be sure to pick up the FREE Secrets of Internet Millionares package. It’s loaded with over $585 in free software, helpful books, and much more.
You’ll find everything you need to build a business on the Internet with SFI, including training courses, and helpul tools in the SFI affiliate resource center.
Anyone interested in making money from home should seriously consider a membership in the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

Netbreakthroughs affiliate manager Terry Dean is an active member of both the IAHBE and SFI.
Whether you’re a newbie, or already making your living online, you’ll find a ton of useful resources you can put to use immediately to enhance your business.
Each month members of the IAHBE receive audio seminars, interviews with fellow IAHBE members who are earning a good income from their home businesses, and detailed marketing reports describing how to grow your business without wasting valuable time or money.
The information you’ll receive each month is worth far more than the small amount of money it takes to be a member.
I’ve had a good amount of success promoting SFI offline as well. I use the offline flyers provided in SFI’s affiliate resource center, as well as placing ads in the local newspapers. I experiment using different products, and based on which achieve the highest response, focus my efforts accordingly.
One product that sells extremely well is Shawn Casey’s Mining Gold on the Internet.
Shawn is one of SFI’s all-time top earning affiliates. His private Internet Marketing workshops charge a hefty $3,500 per seat.

In his book, Shawn describes all the strategies he used to bring in more than a million dollars from his online business last year alone.
Shawn’s simple step-by-step checklist fully explains how to start your own paid newsletter and collect residual profits each and every month. Then, build a list of advertisers interested in buying ads in your newsletter (or your web site.)
Find the best sources of FREE advertising. Forget those traffic exchanges and ffa pages nobody uses. Other webmasters visit them for the same reason you do, to advertise. Nobody arrives looking for opportunities. Shawn’s book is one of the best resources I’ve seen for finding the right places to advertise.
The key to a successful business is finding people to buy your products. As Shawn explained the shockingly simple process he uses to ‘hunt down’ eager buyers, I actually felt a little ashamed. I kept wondering why I didn’t think of it first. In many cases, I was on the right track and just needed to do a few things differently.
Mining Gold is a blueprint, listing only the strategies you need to make money. This book will shave months off the time you invest in building or expanding any online business.
I’ve read Mining Gold and I highly recommend it.
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