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10. Surefire Marketing

Relative newcomer Yanik Silver is rapidly taking his place among the top names in Internet Marketing.
Yanik started marketing as a boy, making cold calls to hospitals promoting medical supply products like latex gloves. He did surprisingly well.
In 2000, Yanik took his efforts online, his products have been spreading across the Internet like wildfire ever since.
Yanik is gifted in his ability to produce compelling ad copy. His Instant Sales Letters are perfect for anyone who needs professional sales letters fast.

In about two minutes time, you can produce powerful sales letters customized to your business, at the push of a button with Yanik’s “fill in the blanks” software. Don’t be fooled by copywriters who insist you’ve got to spend a fortune to get a good sales letter.
If you’re looking for a high-quality sales letter, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and more importantly, money, by taking a look at Yanik’s software.
Yanik isn’t the kind of guy who hides behind his web site. His phone number and email address are posted for all to see. And he guarantees the quality of each and every product you’ll be promoting.

I had the chance to talk with Yanik recently, and he assured me that his ebook, 33 Days to Online Profits, is still bringing in a good amount of sales.
It fully describes, from day 1 to day 33, what you need to do each day, to build a successful business on the internet. Books like these pop up every day, telling you what to do in order to be successful. What makes Yanik’s book different is the fact that he shows you how to use this information, instead of sending you out on a “wild goose chase.”
He also told me that after countless requests that he produce second editions of his best selling ebooks “AutoResponder Magic” and “Million Dollar Emails”, he’s done just that.
Web Ad Magic is a massive 1,235 pages. Inside you’ll find both “AutoResponder Magic II” as well as “Million Dollar Emails II”, it’s the ultimate guide on how to create money making emails and autoresponder sequences.
Also included is the all new “Ezine Ad Magic”. A collection of ezine ads responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, yours to study, copy, or adapt. Professionally written by top marketers, you can save yourself the headaches and inevitable expenses that come with ezine ad testing.
Create your own powerful ad copy in minutes with Instant Sales Letters
Get the 33 Days to Online profits ebook here
Get the Web Ad Magic guide to advertising on the Internet here
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