Best Programs 3

8. Active Marketplace

The two men responsible for Active Marketplace are what I like to call “Ultra-Affiliates.” Declan Dunn and Patrick Anderson are household names when it comes to affiliate marketing.
Declan has worked as a consultant for companies including, OfficeMax, the BeFree network, and even television giant ABC.
When you signup for their program, you can expect to receive a steady stream of indispensible products to promote.
I’ve listed just a few examples below:

• Winning the Affiliate Game
• Declan Dunn’s affiliate training manual – Declan Dunn wrote the first thorough book on affiliate programs – aimed mainly at merchants. Now Declan, one of the leading consultants on affiliate programs on the Internet, has gone a huge step further, with his new book, “Winning the Affiliate Game. The Ten Step Master Plan for Maximizing Your Profits”.
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Earn 25% promoting it and receive a 10% second tier commission.
The information Declan provides in this book could very well mean the difference between spending months, or even years trying to find what works promoting affiliate programs, and jumping on the fast track to steady affiliate commissions.
I’ve read it, and I strongly urge you to invest in your own copy of “Winning the Affiliate Game.”
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• Net Profits: How to win the Internet Game
• It constantly amazes me how most people lose money on the Internet, while a few know how to make money so easily, with little time or cost. For example, think about Jeff Belton, the $65,000 affiliate.
A few years ago he began fooling around with an affiliate program. He made $65,000 for himself and over $300,000 for another business. Now in the latest system by Declan Dunn and ActiveMarketplace, you can learn from Jeff and other real experts generating obscene profits on the Internet.

Net Profits gives you some of today’s best Internet strategies in plain, common sense English. If you want to launch or improve your Internet business, I highly recommend it!
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9. ClickBank Marketplace

You can browse for hours through thousands of affiliate programs. Take your time, you’re sure to find a program to fit your business.
Clickbank offers some of the hottest affiliate programs on the market. Combined with prompt payouts this is a sure winner. In addition to commisions earned through promoting programs you’ll also earn a generous $5-10 for referring others to become clickbank members.

I really love clickbank. It’s easy to keep track of the programs you join. No messy affiliate links to bother with. You simply insert your clickbank nickname into a ready made link and away you go.
It’s also one of the most cost effective, hassle-free ways to set up your own affiliate programs. You won’t spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on costly affiliate tracking software.
All you need is your own product. Clickbank will set everything up, accept credit cards, and track your affiliates’ statistics for you.
For a small portion of each sale you make you can be up and running and collecting profits on your own products. I’m in the process of writing my own info product, when it’s complete, clickbank will be my first stop…
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