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5. Internet Marketing Center

The founder of The Internet Marketing Center, Corey Rudl, is well known online and off. He appeared on “The Maury Povich Show”, and often holds Internet marketing conferences.(Which sell out at prices between $1500-$5000 per seat!)
What I like best about Corey’s program is the wide variety of useful products he offers. If your looking for products to enhance, or even automate your business, Corey’s your man.
His Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet has been a reliable source of monthly income for me.

Upon purchasing this course, your visitors will receive two meaty three-ring binders, and two CD’s, collectively stuffed with over 1,400 pages of the same closely guarded strategies Corey uses to bring in over 1.8 million hits to his websites monthly, and over 6 million dollars in sales each year.
This course is perfect for anyone looking to find carefully laid out instructions on how to get high rankings with the search engines, find sources of free advertising and traffic, build an opt-in email subscriber list from the ground up, Corey even includes case studies of promotions he’s used to make HUGE profits, as well as those that bombed…and how to tell the difference between the two, BEFORE you get burned. Corey’s course sells extremely well to both new and experienced webmasters. Highly Recommended!

Recently Corey announced the release of the brand spankin’ new Insider’s Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet 2004 Edition!
He says it makes running a business on the Internet even less difficult by delivering information in a step-by-step, anyone can do it manner. I look forward to some solid commissions from this one.
I really love programs like this. One one hand, you can use Corey’s products to bring in steady affiliate commissions month after month.
And on the other, you can use the same products you recommend your visitors to improve your OWN online business.
My Email Manager is the best “hassle free” way to build a mailing list quickly, and easily.
MEM’s over the browser control center makes managing your follow-up efforts a snap. You can build autoresponders, create opt-in forms, import existing mailing lists, and automatically handle subscribe/unsubscribe requests.

I wasted an entire weekend trying to install a simple mail management script on my server.
I never did figure it out. I ended up switching to postmaster express, but wasn’t too thrilled with it’s limited functionality.
So when Corey announced he was offering a 30 day trial of MyEmailManager for $1, I jumped on it. This program is (in my opinion) grossly under-priced, I usually bring in many times the monthly charge with one mailing to my list.
Another product that sells well is Corey’s new Secrets To Their Success case studies.
For pennies a day, you’ll gain access to interviews with people just like you and me, who are making thousands of dollars each month online.
Each case study is like a roadmap, showing you exactly what steps people like Corey Tournet – Case Study #3 used to collect over $100,000 a year from his laundry related web site.
While you’re there, read about Case Study #1 – Chad Tackett And find out how he’s generating over 1 million dollars a year, with an 85% profit margin.
Gain access to the Secrets To Their Success Case Studies here
Put your email Email Management on Auto-Pilot with MyEmailManager here
Get Corey’s Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet here
Join the Internet Marketing Center Affiliate Program here6. Higher Response Marketing

Marlon Sanders is a cross between Bill Gates and Bozo the Clown. His off-the-wall approach to marketing on the Internet is both amusing, and highly effective.
Marlon has a Master’s Degree in Pyschology, which he’s used to develop some of the most powerful marketing techniques I’ve ever seen. Marlon won’t sugar coat, or use hype to promote his products. What he WILL do is tickle your funny bone and send you giggling in delight all the way to his order page.
Click here to see an example of Marlon’s techniques.

You can expect Marlon to convert a great deal of your visitors into paying customers. He’s got a lot of excellent products that pay you good commissions.
The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy has over 100 pages of testimonials. Inside Marlon goes into complete detail, covering EVERY aspect of marketing.
You’ll learn the secrets of the search engines, how Marlon achieved a 23% clickthrough rate on banner advertising, how to develop your own products, and how Marlon uses pyschology to soak up a ridiculous amount of sales.
Thinking about marketing your own products?
Gimme My Money Now fully describes how to develop your own products and roll them out by the bucketload from simple two page web sites.

This book is perfect for anyone with a limited amount of time, and money. Marlon takes all of the traditional laws of building a complex content site, waiting months to be indexed at the search engines and completely trashes it in favor of a ‘better approach.’
If you think writing ebooks is the only way to profit from what you know online, you’ll be surprised at what you find in here. Marlon warns that unless you have months of time to spare, and a Masters Degree in English, ebooks are a waste of time. There’s a better way to make money online.
It reveals the strategies other affiliate managers don’t want you to know. They want you to sell THEIR products. If you’re selling your own products, who’s going to promote theirs?
I highly recommend this course to anyone planning to make money with their own products.
The newest product to emerge from Marlon’s laboratory is a modern day marketing miracle! It’s called the Marketing Dashboard and with it you can instantly transform hours of daily drudgery into a few simple clicks of your mouse.
Imagine being able to manage your entire online business in a few minutes each day without any of the added hassle associated with targeting your market, driving traffic to your site, putting together a sizzling sales letter, or developing a string of sequential autoresponders capable of sending your sales through the roof!
This is point-and-click marketing at it’s best, and it’s going to be a huge help for anyone trying to manage an online business with a limited amount of time to invest.
Want to completely automate your online business? This is the place
Discover the Amazing Formula that Sells your Products Like Crazy here
Get Gimme My Money Now and learn how to develop your own products
7. Netbreakthroughs

The hardest part of making money on the internet is discovering what works. After you do, making money becomes automatic.
You won’t find the answers you NEED from just anyone. You’ve got to turn to those who have discovered what works through trial and error.
Terry Dean has years of personal experience and thousands of dollars invested in finding what works. And he’s not shy about sharing it.
Terry has compiled all his extensive online know-how, and made it available exclusively to members of his private membership site, Netbreakthroughs.

Inside you’ll find FREE ebook downloads, interviews with marketing legends like, Declan Dunn, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Jonathan Mizel, and Wes Blaylock. These aren’t rookies talking about what might work, these are the ‘big guys’ fully describing the strategies they use day in and day out to make millions of dollars each year online.
Don’t place a single ad without consulting Terry’s ad reviews. Terry’s team has assembled over 75 reviews, complete with profit reports, on where to place your ads for maximum results. The instant you hit Terry’s site you’ll realize he’s not like a lot of other would be marketers.
He doesn’t baby you by politely suggesting this or that. He’s a no *BS* kind of guy, and it shows in the way he “matter of factly” breaks down every aspect of Internet Marketing, Terry doesn’t hold anything back.
One of the more useful aspects of this site is the ability to contact Terry and suggest what issues you’d like to see covered. There are quite a few membership sites available these days, out of the few dozen I’ve seen, I would recommend only three.
Netbreakthroughs, in my opinion, is the best membership site around.
Join Terry and his team in the Netbreakthroughs membership site here
Join the Netbreakthroughs Affiliate Program here

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