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Best Affiliate Programs – My top 10

They might work well for you, they might not. I’m not making any false promises about my top 10. These are the best affiliate programs for me.
I spend a little extra time promoting these guys because they offer great products, fair prices, and quite a few of them offer lifetime comissions. You don’t just get the one-time sale – the customer is yours for life

1. SiteSell 5 Pillar Club

It comes as no surprise, SiteSell sits atop my top 10 best affiliate programs list. Ken Evoy is light years ahead of the competition.

It didn’t take long for me to realize Canada’s Ken Evoy has got something truly special going. When I joined up with Sitesell, I was more than a little surprised by the amount of support Ken offers his affiliates. Everything you need to build a successful affiliate business is provided to you FREE of charge.
Immediately upon joining the 5 Pillar Club, you’ll receive access to the 5 Pillar member center. There you’ll have access to FREE ebook downloads, including the 5 Pillar manual, a 224 page tutorial teaching you how to make money with ANY affiliate programs.
You’ll also gain access to a fabulous tool called “book build it”. With it, you can build customized ebooks to distribute freely to your visitors. Each of these ebooks is branded with your affiliate links, meaning you get credit for any sales! Ken has a lot more surprises in store for new affiliates, but, I’ll let you find out on your own.

One SiteSell product you’ll definitely want to tell your visitors about is Site Build It! SBI! makes building a web site as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This will save a lot of people the headaches associated with building a web site. It requires NO knowledge of HTML, CGI, or FTP. You simply write about what you know and SBI takes it from there. SBI will research the most profitable keywords, optimize each page for the search engines, and even automatically submit each page to the major engines, all at the push of a button.
More about SBI, including screenshots, can be found by taking the Site Build It! tour.
Ken wrote the book on selling on the net…literally. It’s called Make Your Site SELL!, and it’s stuffed with over 1500 pages of information regarding traffic building, website promotion, and selling through informative content to drastically increase the amount of visitors who buy from you.
Ken taught me one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in my time online, only recommend high quality products you feel good about, or better yet, own yourself, to your visitors.
It can be SO tempting to join “Joe marketer’s” affiliate program simply because he offers 75% commissions, PLEASE…DON’T!
If you promote affiliate programs that offer low quality products and high commissions, you will irreparably damage your reputation and guarantee that your visitors never buy from you again.

Click here and send a blank e-mail to receive The Affiliate Masters course… It’s an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.
This is the best source of information on building a successful affiliate business…ANYWHERE. You can apply this information to ANY affiliate program, whether your just becoming interested in affiliate programs, or, even if your already bringing in affiliate commissions. You’ll find a lot of useful goodies in here. You won’t find a better source of information on how to become successful with affiliate programs at ANY price. I highly recommend this FREE course!
Ken puts more time into giving his affiliates everything needed to be successful than ANY affiliate manager I’ve ever seen.
In addition to the ability to promote the BIBLE of selling on the net, here is a short list of some of the other benefits of Ken’s Program:

•    High-quality products – You can feel good about making recommendations to products that OVER-deliver on value.
•    Lifetime commissions – You make a commission for each and every product your visitor purchases – Not just the first!
•    Two-tier payout – You’ll also make a commission on the sales of those you refer to Ken’s program.
•    Team coaching area – Sitesell has a team coaching area in the 5 Pillar member center allowing you to send out advice and strategies you have had success with in order to boost sales from your sub-affiliates. This is a *unique* tool for maximizing your commissions on the second tier.
•    FREE affiliate manual – Ken’s not stingy about sharing what he knows to help his affiliates become successful. That becomes clear about halfway down the first page of the free 5P manual. This is a gift to all 5 Pillar affiliates.
•    Generous payouts – As a member of the 5 Pillar Club you’ll collect competitve commissions each and every month, while promoting products people LOVE to buy.
•    Limited number of affiliates – What good is an affiliate program if everybody on the internet promotes it? Ken will soon assure that doesn’t happen. Sleep well knowing you’re one of a chosen few. Your products will STAY high-demand.
Ken’s program excels in all categories, Plus, with the wide variety of Sitesell products available to you, this program is the perfect match for almost any type of website.

Make Your Site SELL! is perfect for anyone who wants to make money with their web site. It contains information on building traffic, on and offline promotion, pay per click strategies, how to provide your visitors with high-value information while boosting sales, and much more…
Ready to build a web site that makes the sale? Get Site Build It!
Get Make Your Site SELL! here.
Join the SiteSell 5 Pillar Club affiliate program here.
2. Scamfreezone

The Scamfreezone Internet Success Associates Program is currently converting an amazing 23.5% of the visitors I send them into paying customers.
That’s almost 1 in 4!
Affiliate manager Neil Shearing is another one of those guys you can always count on to OVER-deliver value to his customers. Neil lives in England where he holds a Ph.D in medicine, but his true passion is internet marketing.
What I really love about this program is, how easy it is to promote Neil’s products. They sell EXTREMELY well.

Neil’s Internet Success Private Site has been a hot seller for me.
Inside you’ll find a private forum with over 4,000 posts from marketing vets, a panel of EXPERTS from different fields of Internet Marketing, willing to answer any and all questions, FREE ebooks, a video vault (Neil is notorious for providing in depth tutorials, complete with screenshots, on how to make money on the internet), over 333 articles hand picked by Neil, and the list goes on and on…
Take the one week trial for a buck here.
Not only do Neil’s products sell like hotcakes, but you also gain outstanding commissions, 50% of every sale. This can add up fast. I’ve had visitors purchase a product from Neil, and within a matter of minutes, return and make another purchase. They sell THAT well.
Money back guarantees are a good way to judge the respectability of an affiliate program. If they don’t offer one, I assume they have something they’re hiding from me. Neil offers the best guarantee I’ve ever seen. It actually GROWS with time!
No “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” involved. Neil’s got a real winner.
Another product that has been receiving a lot of attention from my visitors is Neil’s Internet Success Blueprint.

Neil calls this 279 page book, “a nuts and bolts instructional” geared towards people just getting started on the internet.
In it he’ll show you step-by-step, how to start a profitable business with zero dollars by creating your own info products. It’s not as hard as you think to write a profitable ebook about a topic you love.
Neil guides you through the whole process, complete with screenshots, from start to finish. He even provides quicktime movies showing you how to build professional graphics, use FTP on your web site, and build a home page the ‘right’ way.
If you plan to start a business online, I highly recommend you give this a look.
Get a membership to the Internet Success Private Site here.
Grab a copy of the Internet Success Blueprint here.
Join the Scamfreezone Internet Success Associates Program here.
3. All-In-One Business

I just started promoting this program less than a month ago, and already it’s climbed near the top of my best performing affiliate programs list.
I can’t take all the credit though. I owe most of my success to the Passive Income Report.

This 62-page report completely outlines how to create a ‘passive’, ongoing source of revenue within 60 days.
Passive income pays you over and over again for sales you make once. This is the perfect chance to start making decent money online, even if you have trouble closing sales.
In your copy of the report, you’ll find out how to profit over and over again, even if you don’t have a product, website, mailing list, or a dime to spend on getting started.
This website converts a lot of your visitors into paying customers.
I made a sale after referring only six visitors to the Passive Income Report.
Affiliate manager, Kevin Bidwell, is an honest guy. He doesn’t hide behind his website and laugh all the way to the bank. He offers free email support to all of his customers and is willing to answer any questions asked.
I like that. It shows confidence in the products I promote to my visitors.
I’m not a big fan of products or courses that drown you with waves of information and leave you to figure out how to use it.
I learn best by example. Kevin has put together a package geared towards people like me who want to be SHOWN, NOT TOLD, how to build a profitable business on the Internet.
Kevin says his Success Secrets Course is “Homer Simpson Proof”.
I agree 100%.

What got me to bite was the fact that from the moment you hit his site, Kevin doesn’t promise a thing. He warns that to be successful with his course, you’ll need two things.
The ability to follow directions.
The desire to put in honest work.
That’s it. This was refreshing for me. I’m tired of browsing sites that state “You can make x amount of dollars each month”. Or “Currently, our top affiliate makes $xxx dollars each month”.
This gets old fast. What I got from this course was flat out results. I couldn’t believe what I read as Kevin explained how to make a solid monthly income from visitors who DIDN’T buy.
Kevin’s program provides the ability to develop a reliable, no guesswork, source of revenue, each and every month.
Learn to profit again and again from sales you make once, here.
Discover how a small business can make BIG MONEY on the Internet.
Click here to become a member of the All-In-One business affiliate program.
4. Six Figure Income

SFI is one of the Internet’s most successful affiliate programs. With over seven and a half million affiliates to date, and an assortment of highly useful products to promote, SFI is a proven winner.

SFI creator, Gery Carson, has been around since the start of Marketing on the Internet. In the 1980’s Gery helped pioneer the direct mail model for network marketing, and is also the author of the book, The Home Business Revolution’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, and the publisher of Six-Figure Income Magazine.
This is one of the first programs I joined when I started online, it was a big help in getting me where I am now. Be sure to pick up the FREE Secrets of Internet Millionares package. It’s loaded with over $585 in free software, helpful books, and much more.
You’ll find everything you need to build a business on the Internet with SFI, including training courses, and helpul tools in the SFI affiliate resource center.
Anyone interested in making money from home should seriously consider a membership in the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

Netbreakthroughs affiliate manager Terry Dean is an active member of both the IAHBE and SFI.
Whether you’re a newbie, or already making your living online, you’ll find a ton of useful resources you can put to use immediately to enhance your business.
Each month members of the IAHBE receive audio seminars, interviews with fellow IAHBE members who are earning a good income from their home businesses, and detailed marketing reports describing how to grow your business without wasting valuable time or money.
The information you’ll receive each month is worth far more than the small amount of money it takes to be a member.
I’ve had a good amount of success promoting SFI offline as well. I use the offline flyers provided in SFI’s affiliate resource center, as well as placing ads in the local newspapers. I experiment using different products, and based on which achieve the highest response, focus my efforts accordingly.
One product that sells extremely well is Shawn Casey’s Mining Gold on the Internet.
Shawn is one of SFI’s all-time top earning affiliates. His private Internet Marketing workshops charge a hefty $3,500 per seat.

In his book, Shawn describes all the strategies he used to bring in more than a million dollars from his online business last year alone.
Shawn’s simple step-by-step checklist fully explains how to start your own paid newsletter and collect residual profits each and every month. Then, build a list of advertisers interested in buying ads in your newsletter (or your web site.)
Find the best sources of FREE advertising. Forget those traffic exchanges and ffa pages nobody uses. Other webmasters visit them for the same reason you do, to advertise. Nobody arrives looking for opportunities. Shawn’s book is one of the best resources I’ve seen for finding the right places to advertise.
The key to a successful business is finding people to buy your products. As Shawn explained the shockingly simple process he uses to ‘hunt down’ eager buyers, I actually felt a little ashamed. I kept wondering why I didn’t think of it first. In many cases, I was on the right track and just needed to do a few things differently.
Mining Gold is a blueprint, listing only the strategies you need to make money. This book will shave months off the time you invest in building or expanding any online business.
I’ve read Mining Gold and I highly recommend it.
Claim over $585 in FREE software and marketing tools here
Become a member of the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs here
You can get Mining Gold on the Internet here
Join the Six Figure Income Affiliate Program here

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