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These advice articles are straight from my Affiliate Secrets Newsletter. Every other week it provides insider tips and strategies used to make real money online with affiliate programs.

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Solving the mystery of promoting multiple affiliate programs
Managing more than a couple of affiliate programs from one site can be a handful, here’s how to cutdown on your workload.
Uncovering hidden affiliate profits in an unexplored niche
Discover how you can make money with affiliate programs using simple niche websites.
“Practice what you preach”, . .
Too many affiliates are actually hurting their sales by pretending to be something they’re not. Are you?
Effective holiday promotions that will boost your sales
The holidays are here again and that means fewer visitors to your websites. Here’s some good ideas you can use to make the most of those who do pay you a visit.
Phew. . . Finally a traffic exchange that WORKS!
Tired of adjusting your browser’s start page in an attempt to bring in qualified leads with those silly traffic exchanges? Before you ‘pack it in’ take a peek at what I use to bring in hundreds of targeted visitors – FREE.
Why I said NO to DirecteMailer
Sometimes you have to pass up a few sweet deals to do what’s best for your visitors – and in the long run, yourself.
Disturbing rumors surrounding Joe Kumar
Some nasty things they’re saying about the author of 30 Days to Internet Marketing Success.
Keep getting paid over and over for every sale you make!
Just make a new sale? Congratulations! Now it’s time to make that new sale keep putting money in your pocket!
You won’t make dollars if you don’t use ‘Ad’Sense
Thousands of webmasters are reporting decent earnings using
Google’s AdSense. Are you one of them?
Why I’ll never make millions of dollars on the Internet..
These days people are getting rich online using the promise of easy riches and other deceptive tactics. This really gets me mad.
Turn Words Into Traffic!
If you’re not using articles to promote your website or online business you’re missing out on a huge source of free traffic!
A Common Problem…
It’s no big secret. Most affiliates fail online. Here are a few basics to keep you from becoming one of them.
Shortcuts will kill your Business!!
Your worst enemy. It’s not your competition it’s yourself. Laziness is the numero uno reason for failure online. If you’re cutting corners you’re probably cutting your earnings as well.
Internet Marketing, Fact Or Fiction?
If you’ve had just about enough hype about making money online..WAIT! There is a a gem to be uncovered buried amidst the “Get Rich Quick” rubbish.
The truth about affiliate programs
So you’re thinking about making a little money online huh? Let me guess. You plan to join a few affiliate programs, promote them from your free website, and wait by the mailbox for your massive affiliate checks to roll in? Just one piece of advice before you get started. It’s not quite that simple..
The benefits of targeted traffic
Driving traffic to your website is just the tip of the iceberg. Generating targeted traffic is crucial if you want to get the most from every visitor you receive.
How to succeed with the Search Engines
Never look a gift horse in the mouth. The major search engines are still the best source of highly targeted free traffic available to you. All you need to do is make your site ‘search engine friendly’. And honestly, you can probably do it without the affiliate if you get the right niche and own it. Like Ralph Deluca does with his movie poster site where he puts sellers of vintage (hint: valuable) posters) together with collectors and everyone makes out. Some of these posters go for very big bucks, but you need his advice to distinguish between the fakes and the real things. Check him out and learn by observing a real pro. Or cut a deal and see if he’ll pay for the traffic..

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