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Welcome friends, my name is Adam Buhler and I’ve been earning a good income from the internet for the past year – I’ll show you how I do it.
Becoming successful with affiliate programs isn’t complicated at all. In fact, it’s kinda like a snowball effect. If you start from the beginning, the right way, your business has the potential to grow indefinitely.

Stop thinking like an affiliate and start thinking like a customer surfing the web. Use the simple C T P M process to deliver what your visitors are looking for.
Don’t worry – the sales won’t be far behind.

Step 1: Content
Give your visitors what they’re looking for – information. Deliver high-demand content in the form of useful information your visitors want and need.
Step 2: Traffic
Build a theme-based content site that ranks high at the search engines and provides free, highly-targeted visitors to your site.
Step 3: PREsell
Develop trust and credibility (PREsell) as an expert in your field through high-quality info, they’ve got questions – you’ve got answers.
Step 4: Monetize
Sell hard goods, e-goods, information in the form of Google ads, or redirect your open-to-buy traffic to your affiliate merchant, it’s up to you.
This is the easy part, steps 1-3 funnel PRE-qualified traffic to your monetization model, then it’s in your hands – you’ve earned it.

There are no secrets. This powerful, yet simple process is the key to succeeding with any affiliate program. It’s fully explained in the free “Make Your Content PREsell” action guide. I use it, and I highly recommend it. Download the free action guide

Newbie achieves over $700 in first month with affiliate programs

My buddy Dan didn’t have a clue about affiliate programs or marketing on the internet.
So he took everything he didn’t know and put it on auto-pilot.
In his spare time, he built a successful affiliate website.
Strategies to increase traffic and commissions
How to start, manage, and easily promote affiliate programs
Setting up your own affiliate program, marketing your products, even managing multiple affiliate programs, isn’t all that tough.

In fact, all you really need is a product (or an idea for one) and you can be up-and-running in next to no time.

Find others to promote your products for you.

Are you making your job harder promoting affiliate programs?
98% of ALL affiliates are running in circles with affiliate programs.
They never make a dime.
Small mistakes can mean the difference between huge commissions or becoming another under-achiever.
Stop making mistakes with affiliate programs

Ordinary folks succeeding with affiliate programs
Real stories describing how people just like you and me use Site Build It! to transform what they know and love into highly successful niche markets. Look for the success story that fits your business. Their amazing case studies tell all.

Individuals referred by 3rd parties and recognized for their service: Julia Banks, Patrice Binais, Serge Ultim, Satya Mott, Virgil Cain and paralegal Novice Jensen.

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